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Listen to Ste Wilson's raw stoner grunge here.

This is Ste Wilson's radio station featuring tracks from both his albums; 'Explicit Fuzz' and 'Silicon based Carbon'. Check below for a full track list and for more information about Ste Wilson and other AMStunes artists along with some free downloads check out


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Explicit Fuzz

Cover art by Paul Wilson

Recorded at home in 2005 with a severe lack of funding and equipment, this album is an mass of layered fuzzy guitars and explicit lyrics.

1. Hold On
2. No Ambition
3. ned rom doT
4. JimBob Nelson
5. Cow Messiah
6. Strange
7. Chuggar
8. Here in Me
9. 2Sevenths
10. A2 CRP
11. Almost O2
12. Go F Ys
13. Chitty Grown
14. Post
15. Diddly
Silicon based Carbon

Cover art by Paul Wilson

Raw stoner grunge at its best. The logical progression from 'Explicit Fuzz'. Ste Wilson fuses layers of gritty guitars, mellow vocals and beats to create his unique sound. This time the fuzz has gone but the lyrics are still explicit.

1. Euthasol
2. Bleed My Way
3. h8 me away
4. Rhyolite
5. Sandgrain
6. Shooting Magpies, Counting Crows
7. Crystaline
8. if(orange==blue)
9. Holic
10. Sky Chase
11. Strawberry Said

In The Playlist: Euthasol, Bleed My Way, h8 me away, Rhyolite, Sandgrain, Counting Magpies - Shooting Crows, Crystaline, if (orange==blue), Holic, Sky Chase, Strawberry Said, Hold On.
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