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Eat Our Music You Greedy People: The second AMStunes Alt Podcast is here. With more great new alternative music from Myspace and beyond DJed by Ollie and Ste from Electric Fan Death (EFD). Featuring an exclusive play of Shooting Shadows from Electric Fan Death's Debut EP - Yeosu Dangerous. Including loads of great bands and artists including Veto, Popolo, Longwave, Vox Equinox, Greg Whalen and more.

Some drunken banter from the lads about climbing lamp-posts to listen to music, Ollies American dream, their time in Thailand and Ollies first Korean Scottish kiss. The podcast does contain swearing from the lads so beware it is not suitable for young 'uns, Podcast contains explicit language.

Featuring: 'Vox Equinox', 'Popolo', 'John S Wilson', 'Siegfried Sassoon'', 'A Million Years', the exclusive first hearing of 'Electric Fan Death's' 'Shooting Shadows' from their Yeosu Dangerous EP (buy), 'Tear Down The Lies!', 'Greg Whalen', 'L Aurore', 'Veto' and 'Longwave'. Click the RSS link to subscribe to the podcast, listen to it on the player or download it via the direct download link, the choice is yours.

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Vox Equinox are a post punk band blending raw sounding guitars and powerful vocals to forge an emotional wall of sound that blows you away.

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The AMStunes Alt Podcast is a free non-profit podcast available all over the place including iTunes. The second episode contains loads more great new alternative music from Myspace and beyond DJed by Ollie and Ste from Electric Fan Death (EFD).

DJs: - Ste & Ollie from Electric Fan Death

Date: - 9th Oct 2009

Ste & Ollie
If you are a band or artist who is interested in playing in the AMStunes Alternative Podcast check out our Myspace and send us a message.

Past Episodes: -

Episode 2 - Eat Our Music - 09 Oct 2009
Episode 1 - Listen Or Die
- 22 Jun 2009

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Playlist: -
1. Longwave
- Sirens In The Deep

2. A Million Years
- Suspicious

3. Popolo
- Or Optimism

4. Greg Whalen
- The Councellor Song

5. The Siegfried Sasson
- Muscle Beach

6. Veto
- Built To Fail

7. Vox Equinox
- Heaven To Hell

8. Electric Fan Death
- Shooting Shadows

9. L'Aurore
- Cinematic

10. John S Wilson
- Fiends

11. Tear Down The Lies!
- Into Chaos

All music and images copyright © of or the respective artist.