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This John S Wilson's radio station featuring tracks from his debut album; 'Liquid Acrobat'. Check below for a full track list and for more information about John S Wilson and other AMStunes artists along with some free downloads check out


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Liquid Acrobat

Cover art by Paul Wilson

Modern alternative electronica from an alternative mind. Dirty bass-lines, pumping beats to chilled out synths and tripped out sounds. John S Wilson's debut album 'Liquid Acrobat' captures the northern english landscape and free-party culture.

1. Heights
2. Liquid Acrobat
3. Stringed Wings
4. bolonger
5. Those People
6. Feinds
7. Climb
8. Chiller
9. Sickbay Shuffle
10. Snap Dragon
11. Numbers
12. Franky Smalls
13. Lumber Puncture
14. V for Vitamins
In The Playlist: Heights, Liquid Acrobat, Stringed Wings, bolonger, Those People, Feinds, Climb, Chiller, Sickbay Shuffle, Snap Dragon, Numbers, Lumber Puncture, V for Vitamins.
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