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Electric Fan Death
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Bio: - A duo of UK music makers living in South Korea. Writing edgy alternative indie tracks influenced by the landscape and culture of northern Britain and from the experience of living in another country. Writing, performing, recording and producing everything themselves gives Electric Fan Death's music a distinctive, edgy sound. Be prepared for entangled layered emotional guitars fused with laid back yet powerful vocals. If alternative indie is your thing Electric Fan Death should not be missed.
Releases: - Yeosu Dangerous EP (Buy Now)

'Electric Fan Death' are a duo of UK music makers (Ollie Philpott and Ste Wilson) living in South Korea. Writing and recording original alternative indie music. Their debut EP, Yeosu Dangerous is out now, buy it here.
John S Wilson
Bio: - John S Wilson is an artist from the small town of Todmorden who is a rock climber as much as a music maker. His music mixes the sparse mountainous landscapes of Britain and Europe, the adrenalin rush and calm of climbing with the free-party dance culture present in England. His alternative electro/electronica style is something that demands to be heard by anyone that way inclined.
Releases: - Liquid Acrobat (2009)
Cover art by Paul Wilson

Modern alternative electronica from an alternative mind. Dirty bass-lines, pumping beats to chilled out synths and tripped out sounds. John S Wilson's debut album 'Liquid Acrobat' captures the northern english landscape and free-party culture.
Ste Wilson
Bio: - Born in Rochdale Ste Wilson moved into the small town of Todmorden in the early 90's. After years messing with guitars, computers and 4-tracks he created a distinctive alternative sound that can now be heard on Silicon based Carbon. He calls it alternative stoner grunge and it blends layers of gritty guitars with edgy stinging lead lines and explicit vocals and original insightful lyrics. Anyone into grunge or stoner style music should definitely check this out.
Releases: - Silicon based Carbon (2008), Explicit Fuzz (2005)
Cover art by Paul Wilson

Raw stoner grunge at its best. Ste Wilson fuses layers of gritty guitars, mellow vocals and beats to create his unique sound first captured on his 'Explicit Fuzz' album and perfected on 'Silicon based Carbon'.

Tear Down The Lies!
Bio: - Tear Down The Lies! is is a one man music project influenced by travels, sights, sounds, feelings etc. Influenced by artists like The Coctaeu Twins, Brian Eno, Talk Talk, Neu and others this is soundtrack music for imaginary films. Check outTear Down The Lies! on Myspace.
Releases: - To Be Confirmed

Review: - "'Tear Down The Lies!' creates rhythmical soundscapes from instruments, samples and synths that suck you in. As you sit on a bus listening you fall into a dream-like state where the music and images from outside the window merge, it's an unusual state of thoughtfulness that most music does not touch."

Dave Muzo - Squidoo The Best Independent Music Reviews



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