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This is an altenative radio station featuring tracks from up and coming artists in the AMS collective or on the AMStunes indie label. An eclectic mix of music makers from the electronica/electro of 'John S Wilson' to the alternative indie of 'Electric Fan Death', from the stoner grunge of 'Ste Wilson' to the experimental soundscapes of 'Tear Down The Lies!'. Check below for a full track list and for more information about the artists along with some free downloads check out


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Electric Fan Death

'Electric Fan Death' are a duo of UK music makers (Ollie Philpott and Ste Wilson) living in South Korea. Writing and recording original alternative indie music. Their debut EP, Yeosu Dangerous is out now, buy it here. Check out Electric Fan Death on Myspace.

In The Playlist: Wayguk, Land Mine, What We Are Not
John S Wilson
Cover art by Paul Wilson

Modern alternative electronica from an alternative mind. Dirty bass-lines, pumping beats to chilled out synths and tripped out sounds. John S Wilson's debut album 'Liquid Acrobat' captures the northern english landscape and free-party culture. Check out John S Wilson on Myspace.

In The Playlist: Heights, Liquid Acrobat, Stringed Wings, bolonger, Those People, Feinds, Climb, Chiller, Sickbay Shuffle, Numbers, Lumber Puncture, V for Vitamins
Ste Wilson
Cover art by Paul Wilson

Raw stoner grunge at its best. Ste Wilson fuses layers of gritty guitars, mellow vocals and beats to create his unique sound first captured on his 'Explicit Fuzz' album and perfected on 'Silicon based Carbon'. Check out Ste Wilson on Myspace.

In The Playlist: Euthasol, Bleed My Way, h8 me away, Rhyolite, Sandgrain, Counting Magpies - Shooting Crows, Crystaline, if (orange==blue), Holic, Sky Chase, Strawberry Said, Hold On
Tear Down The Lies!

'Tear Down The Lies!' is a one man music project (Les Willox) influenced by travels, sights, sounds, feelings etc. Influenced by artists like The Coctaeu Twins, Brian Eno, Talk Talk, Neu and others this is soundtrack music for imaginary films. Check out 'Tear Down The Lies!' on Myspace or Last FM.

In The Playlist: Exchanges, Baby Your A Lunatic, Kosice, Into Chaos, Over Again, Listen, I Will Not Go On, Sleepy Song

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